I can't make up my mind...

I'm glad you took the time to post your psd or textures online for people to download. I'm glad you posted it in a community I follow with a link to your post. But for the love of all that is graphic related, would you mention in that post in the community I follow that you require us to comment to get the actual download link or the password? I have sloooooooow dial-up (5 k/s). It's slooooow. I won't take the time to comment for a link or password, but if you post the download link and it's not password protected, I will comment thinking you. It's just a waste of my time if you don't mention that it's not available directly from the post.

And it makes me hate you.

A little graphic-related rant -

I cannot stand people password protecting their PSD files. Be honest, you are just trying to get more comments. All it makes me do is leave the page & never return to your community. Same with "comment to get the PSD sent to you". Um, no. I don't think so.

It's not a matter of the time I'd have to spent to leave a comment to get the password/PSD. It's a matter of principle. That "stock" image you used isn't a picture you took. You aren't crediting the photographer or the maker of the textures you used (in most cases). Hell, I'm sure you aren't the first and only person to come up with that coloring combination.

I'd rather spend my time making a PSD of my own that (generally) ends up looking better any and I don't have to credit you (because, yes, I am one of the few graphic makers that credit every single resource I use).
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Bandwidth Issues
I'm already having bandwidth issue with Photobucket. D: That isn't a good sign at all. graphicmix doesn't have many members yet (okay, it has two and one of them is me) but it is a public community and I have posted some of the graphics in various other communities on my friends list. Still, 75% of the bandwidth for the month has been used & it doesn't reset until the 21st.

I'm at a loss as to what to do about it. I don't want to have more than one Photobucket account but I do not have the money to upgrade to pro at the moment.


I've also decided to no longer offer my screencaps to others. There are several reasons behind that decision. It's a lot of extra work for me with very little reward is the main reason, however. I may get back into it after some time has passed. But just running the community and trying to get it setup and established is enough work for now.

 I've been working on making tons of screencaps still for several shows/movies I have on my external HD. It's taking way longer than it should because of computer issues.

I've also started working on making some icons. I've only gotten a couple done so far, but it's going good. I'm very picky about how they look, so each one takes me some time.

I expect to have some done for a post soon on graphicmix, but I'm not holding my breath as it seems things just keep coming up to delay that.

I've been working on gathering resources for icons as well as gathering free pixels/blinkie blanks. Before, I used to have several LJ communities I went to for these types of things (especially the pixels/blinkie blanks). It seems, unfortunately, that all of those communities I was in have died away. Which is proving to make my task a little more difficult than necessary.

I hope to have enough things gathered soon so I can start working on actually making things.


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